Get free cryptocurrency and money

If you want to make some money in your spare time, check out our list of faucets (free amounts of cryptocurrency that can be bought, traded, or cashed out). Companies give crypto worth because you engaged with them by visiting their pages and (in some cases) supporting their advertisers.

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Invest wisely by using the products/services listed. There are lots of options related to brokerages and services to buy, sell, or trade stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies, all with just your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, just be sure to sanitize.

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Other options to get money/crypto

There are other work from home, in any room, programs including games and apps because who doesn’t want that? Check out this list for options to get money passively through interest on your crypto. Also, surveys and other options can help to make money and crypto in your “spare” time, easily with just your smartphone.

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Get some extra money

Make Money While You Poop is a site dedicated to letting you use your smart phone or PC to make real money by using a variety of different services including crypto currency faucets, money making programs, advertising networks, and referral systems for generating maximum income with minimum effort. These systems won’t make you rich overnight, we won’t ever promise that! However, with a bit of time each day you can make real money in just a few days, even just in your spare time. Take advantage of those little moments where not much is happening (waiting for the train, in a boring meeting, or before bed as you wait to use the shower, again).


Check out our twitter feed (@mmwypcom) for great giveaways, most via @coinkit_ and verify our drawings through PickAW, so you know we aren’t scamming anybody. You can check our actions. We aim to give back as much as we can of what we make through this site. We hodl (hold) crypto separately and we want to see crypto adopted more widely. The value will increase incredibly with widespread adoption. Give someone a bit of crypto and they will want to learn about it. This is how we spread word of cryptocurrencies as a real means of doing business.

Regular visits to many of the services linked on this page will maximize your rewards. Many of the cryptocurrency faucets and other services will pay additional money for customer loyalty – the more you visit, the more you make each visit.

The linked programs and faucets work by generating ad revenue through affiliate links and displayed advertisements. This means that the more you engage with the sites, the more money you can make (each program is slightly different, be sure to check out our faucet list and other program list to learn more)

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Digibyte (DGB) runs like bitcoin but reduces supply by 1%/month instead of %50 every 4 years or so (how Bitcoin does) and is way faster for transactions. Want to share some Digibyte with us?

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We are also proud supporters of the ALTCOIN community (alternatives to bitcoin). One of our favorites for speed and cost (most transactions are free or very nearly so) is TRON ($TRX)

Our Tron Wallet Address is: TGwS8iBCg2v8jbvWf1yM4UqYm8f6PKN59w

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