Want to know more? Here you go:

What’s cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency verifiable by a complicated mathematical algorithm. This currency has real value and can be traded for goods and services. A variety of different technologies are used. Learn more by searching wikipedia or other sources for specific cryptocurrencies. The poster child of all things cryptocurrency is bitcoin. There are a variety of alternatives – collectively referred to as “altcoins.” Many use novel technologies, while others are simply cheap knock offs of an original idea or concept that is typically depicted in what is called a “white paper” or description of the technology. Learn more by checking out our Crypto Basics Page!

What’s a faucet?

A faucet is a device that controls the flow of a substance. In this case, the faucets are digital and they control the distribution of tiny amounts of cryptocurrency. Why would someone leave this kind of faucet on? Well, so they make money of course. How do they make money? Their pages will have advertisements on them. Many have popup pages and some are laden with flashy ads. They make money by selling this ad space. Some faucets also have additional money generating/saving options including interest bearing accounts, betting, and games of chance. These additional services typically fund much higher returns as little money is ever actually withdrawn, but is usually “reinvested” in betting, games of chance, or simply saved for later.

Is this for real?

Of course! These sites have been around for years. They generate huge numbers of visitors and because of that can sell their ad space for a lot of money. They share that with us, the users, and we can all make some real crypto currency. Depending on the currency, this could provide a huge potential investment vehicle.

Why do I keep getting redirected from the faucet? How do I stop this?

Many of the faucets use pop up, pop under, and other annoying strategies. These create huge revenue, but are not pleasant for us, the users. How do we deal with this? Simply use your bookmark or link again. The sites will only run the pop up or under once per visitor per visit to the eligible faucet. Always remember to close out additional tabs to save resources, and simply revisit the page: no more distracting pop ups.

Why don’t I see ads on your site?

Our site, MakeMoneyWhileYouPoop.com , is supported almost entirely by the referral links on our faucet list page. We respect you, and we want you to enjoy our site. That is why we will minimize the display ads on our site. We only ask that you browse our faucet list, sign up, use the faucets regularly, and , visit us on twitter. We make our money that way, you don’t have to see annoying ads (the faucet sites themselves have countless ads, popups, pop unders, redirects, and other ad schemes). We know you will see plenty of ads, we do not want to add to that. We strive to minimize any ad space on our site and focus revenue on referral links rather than advertising.
We aim to give 100% of our earned crypto back to the crypto community. We firmly believe that adoption will lead to massive price increases. Especially as institutional and governmental investors see the rewards of the blockchains, there may be huge sums to be made by holding a stake early on.

These faucets sure don’t pay much!?!?!?

Your are right. The base rate is not much. However, by being strategic with winnings, reinvesting, and taking advantages of bonuses, referrals, advertising opportunities, and the eventual (hopeful) increase in value can generate a fruitful investment. Short term, yeah, not a whole lot. 100 days in, some faucets pay double+, referrals make that more, putting some crypto to advertise, and you could have some serious dough. This is a strategy game, and there are lots of strategies to try. See what works for you and your lifestyle. We will soon post our success story. Many could learn from our clever strategy to multiply winnings, and win big!

How do I recommend a service to be listed on your site?

Send us the link via twitter (and check out our twitter feed for updates, free crypto giveaways, and great links).