See the list below for additional opportunities to make money by completing surveys, playing games, and/or signing up for offers. We are working on building this list as there are lots of dodgy/shady options. We want to be proud of our links, so we would be happy to take your recommendations via Twitter.

Celsius Network – Join Celsius Network using our referral code 1699260360 when signing up and earn $30 in DAI with your first transfer of $200 or more! #UnbankYourself. Celsius allows you to get real interest paid in crypto. Also, loans and other financial services. We have been nothing but happy with weekly crypto bonuses for doing nothing more than hodling. Do your research. Celsius is the future of banking.

Fold App – Get 20000 Bitcoin Satoshi for signing up (subject to minimum withdrawals, of course). Fold enables you to get money back for your most common purchases without giving up all of your banking information. Buy gift cards for Amazon and get paid back in Satoshi. Also, spin the wheel each day for a chance at a huge win.

Cash App – A new comer to the crypto game, Cash App allows you to easily transfer cash to friends. Sign up and you get $5 for checking it out. It is a super easy way to send cash and now handle crypto.

COIN GEOMING – Use on your mobile device. Turn the app on, travel, and earn free crypto. This is like Pokemon Go for crypto folks. It is surprisingly fun and addicting while still being incredibly easy. Do not use while driving (for all of our sakes).

Mine crypto currencies and altcoins on virtually any device (mobile devices running on most operating systems are prohibited, but virtually any desktop or laptop have little issue) by using MinerGate to use your GPU and/or CPU to mine crypto. Most PC’s will not generate true profit, but can generate significant amounts of revenue (cost of electricity and wear and tear will vary significantly by user).

Cointiply has a great offer wall with generous perks for playing games, surveys, etc. They also have a pay per click sub site that can be tough to navigate on some mobiles, but pays well for not much work and simple homebrewed captcha.

RollerCoin: We opted not to classify this as a faucet, but it is close. Play fun minigames to boost your pretend mining power. Mining happens around the clock depending on recent progress. Fun, easy btc, eth, doge, or their own native coin. Play long term and see serious dividends as we have.

More to come as we are actively vetting options that we have found to be legit. Got a suggestion? Great. Send it to us via twitter.