See the list below (Updated April, 2022) for additional opportunities to make money by completing surveys, playing games, and/or signing up for offers. We are working on building this list as there are lots of dodgy/shady options. We want to be proud of our links, so we would be happy to take your recommendations via Twitter.

Be sure to check our list of Free Cryptocurrency Faucets and find out our preferred ways to get free crypto on a regular basis. The resources below allow you to make the most of your gains, and really start stacking.

Fold App – Get 5000 Bitcoin Satoshi for signing up (subject to minimum withdrawals, of course, as of the writing of this page). Fold enables you to get money back for your most common purchases without giving up all of your banking information. We signed up for premium cards (about $150 per year) and have found the repayment time for that $150 was very short (1-2 months with our typical use). Use your prepaid debit card for everyday purchases or buy gift cards for Amazon and get a bonus back in Satoshi. Also, spin the wheel each day for a chance at a huge win. Fold App has been one of the easiest ways to stack Bitcoin that we have found. Load the card and use it, simple as that (just cannot buy crypto as a debit card, have to use ACH transfers and don’t get rewards for those).

Maiar App Use this app to get (or use exchange, depending on geographic limits) some Elrond Gold (EGLD). Staking at great rates means crypto earned for crypto stored. This coin is largely believed to be going big places (do your own research, of course), but smart contracts, scalability, and various other features puts this network high on our list!

Cash App – A new comer to the crypto game, Cash App allows you to easily transfer cash to friends. Sign up and you get $5 for checking it out. It is a super easy way to send cash and now handle crypto with fee free bitcoin transfers to other Cash App wallets..

Cointiply has a great offer wall with generous perks for playing games, surveys, etc. They also have a pay per click sub site that can be tough to navigate on some mobiles, but pays well for not much work and simple homebrewed captcha.

RollerCoin: Play fun minigames to boost your pretend mining power. Mining happens around the clock depending on recent progress. Fun, easy btc, eth, doge, matic or their own native, stable coin (Roller). Play long term and see serious gains as we have.

Phone Games

These games are specific to Android phones and devices. Using a smartphone to play money making games won’t make you rich quickly, but it is easy, most of the games are pretty fun, and they are FREE. Check the links out below

Coin App – Earn COIN by navigating your world. Advanced geolocation technology enables you to validate the locations of others when your app is on. This prevents spoofing and makes the network capable of all sorts of cool things. In excange, you get a tiny bit of COIN which can be exchanged for XYO, the crypto that powers the ecosystem, and many other cool prizes/sweepstakes. HODL rewards, referral bonuses, etc. mean you can get started easily, but paying in some each month has earned pretty handsome rewards for us so far.

Bitcoin Aliens – Free Bitcoin Cash is a great option to get some Bitcoin Cash (a hard fork of Bitcoin). We get 10% of what you get, and that could be a lot. Hourly faucet, pay wall, and other features make these Bitcoin Aliens Games a great option for easy stacking no matter what you are doing, no matter where.

Bitcoin Aliens – Free Litecoin is another great option from Bitcoin Aliens. This is the same as the one above, just with Litecoin as the prize. Adjust your award amounts to get more frequent or less frequent withdrawals that happen automatically once you reach your threshold. Play the faucet hourly or check out the paywall for some great options to get huge LTC litoshi.

BlingFi Games – We don’t get a cut from referrals for these games, but with 7 of their games installed on one of our phones, it is safe to say we like them. Various apps allow for watch an ad, play a game, get some Bitcoin satoshi format. Sudoku, solitaire, a decent candy crush style game, a pop the bubbles style game, and a fun one they call “Bitcoin Blast.” These games pay more during lower Bitcoin prices, so keeping them around is worth it. Paid weekly to CoinBase without any fees, it doesn’t get much better for a waiting room kind of game. We had some issues with a couple of these games being flagged as system hogs, so be sure you have them shut down when not in use.

Be sure to check out my lists for our preferred faucets and exchanges:

Cryptocurrency Faucets/Free Cryptocurrencies
Crypto Marketplaces/Cryptocurrency Exchanges

More to come as we are actively vetting options that we have found to be legit. Got a suggestion? Great. Send it to us via twitter.