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To get free cryptocurrency, you will need an email address. Then go to the faucets listed below, sign up, and start the money rolling. It will go slow at first, but each day adds more. Each faucet has unique features to take advantage of. You can store crypto in these faucets or in and then transfer out to your marketplace/exchange or use directly from your the supplied.

Faucets updated June, 2021
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Bookmark this page for an easy return. Start here! Great faucet and betting site means a huge potential income. Site’s initial page is a bit rough, but the site seems to be popular (like millions of users), a lot of fun, and super easy. Use this site to potentially multiply your earnings from other sites by transferring in bitcoin and using their multiplier game, raffles, and betting to turn pennies into dollars and dollars into dreams (or lose it all by betting on the Cubs). Store bitcoin here, earn interest (no wallet needed). Awkward sign up page, but the once per hour faucet site seems to be top notch with great features. We recommend depositing bitcoin for regular use. This eliminates the captcha, earns daily interest, and gives HUGE bonuses to the faucet. Highly recommended. We are currently getting over HUGE satoshi per faucet roll (this amount changes regularly) because of our bonuses. Great place to store bitcoin in our trial (bonuses AND interest)!

Cointiply: Cointiply is another once-an-hour faucet. There is a multiplier game and a daily loyalty bonus and referral bonus. Store bitcoin here, earn interest (no extra wallet needed). Want to get bitcoin for playing games? This is a great selection of offer wall apps. Play a game and get paid in crypto. Users should note: This game is actually in USD (US Dollars) and can be awarded in Doge, Bitcoin, or Litecoin. Bitcoin has a high payment threshold (50k native coins which equals 5 dollars worth of bitcoin regardless of Bitcoin’s price at the time. This can be used to effectively short Bitcoin (hold it as dollars until it drops so you can buy more of them).

Roller Coin: Roller Coin is a mining simulator. You can purchase in-game miners and customize your place. These miners simulate mining, but the rewards are real. We have had a lot of fun playing the minigames (keeping the power up). It is worth a try, do the math to see your return and maybe buy a miner or two (or a bunch).

Fold App – Get 20000 Bitcoin Satoshi for signing up (subject to minimum withdrawals, of course, as of when this was posted). Fold enables you to get money back for your most common purchases without giving up all of your banking information. We signed up for premium cards (about $150 per year) and have found the repayment time for that $150 was very short (1-2 months with our typical use). Use your prepaid debit card for everyday purchases or buy gift cards for Amazon and get a bonus back in Satoshi. Also, spin the wheel each day for a chance at a huge win.

Graviex: Graviex has an extensive list of quick faucets. Many require no captcha (or a super easy one), just super fast. Not many mainstream coins in the faucets, but the marketplace is incredible. Lots of trading pairs, and (once you get used to it) a very easy to use trading system. Lots to see and experiment with. This is a good site to check out to learn more about lots of smaller market cap cryptocurrencies and how many markets function.

MellowAds: A great 24 hour faucet that allows buying of ad campaigns (use that to promote partner websites and make a lot more through active referrals). Not the easiest site to navigate, but we have enjoyed the results of several campaigns so far. Recently the rewards structure of the faucet changed, and the results have been less successful than in the past. This is measured by their reported clicks not showing on our stats and when they are it’s only 1 page (lower quality traffic). This is a change downward, unfortunately. Time will tell.

Celsius Network: By far the easiest way to earn crypto passively is to use Celsius Network. I have had almost a year on the network, and I couldn’t be happier. There is a great web app with expanding features, great interest rates, and a great team that is transparent and available to the community. Follow the link above to follow my referral or learn more about my experience by checking out my Celsius Page.

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