Links below will open in a new window. These are services we actually use to trade crypto or other commodities. Each service has pros and cons, and we encourage new users to sign up for multiple services and see which works best for their strategy.

Bittrex is a great exchange. We have had no complaints and this is one of the best exchanges to purchase one of our favorites, Digibyte! Check out the various pairs in this exchange.

Celsius Network is an incredible service, network, and app. It pays interest IN CRYPTO! That is tough to beat. Another great feature of this custodial service is that you can take loans against your crypto which enables you to ride higher on bull markets (just do so carefully). We love this app, and love that we make real interest on our stored bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptos (with many more coming soon). Be sure to use our referral link and/or code: 1332340360 . This code will enable both of us to get $20 when you open an account with a minimum amount after a month (pretty great). is a great service with interest available for stored coins (pretty incredible rates), debit card integration and more features. This is a good place to start in our experience. Sign up using the link in the name and go through KYC (know your customer – a verification of your identity that is common for online banking) and get $50 worth of free crypto (so do we).

Slick system that allows for the movement of a lot of coins to a lot of other coins. This is the newcomer to our list. Wanted to be able to get some TZC, so now we can, and you can too.

Slightly higher fees for some things, but pretty quick and ties into many faucets and other services easily. Also, the Earn/Learn programs below mean you will get a huge bonus for signing up and taking a quick (and educational) course on several cryptos.

Coinbase (L)Earning: EOS Earn super easy and free EOS cryptocurrency through the incredible coinbase learn program. Get free crypto by taking quick lessons on various crypto (for new AND existing coinbase users).

Coinbase (L)Earning: Stellar Lumens Earn super easy and free Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency through the incredible coinbase learn program. Get free cryptocurrency by taking quick lessons on various crypto (for new AND existing coinbase users).

Cannot transfer crypto in and out, but you get free stock for signing up (so do we) and you can buy and sell crypto with a very low fee (they say free, but they take a cut of every transaction, they just hide it into the cost). You can also buy, sell, and option invest in stocks and other securities. Super simple and easy to use mobile app is also available. Short on resources, but ease of use is unparalleled. If you are just going to buy and HODL! (hold) this may be the best choice.

Finally, the old standard is back up and living with agreements with most states to operate within the US. Binance is an extremely common international service. Binance.US is their return to the American marketplace after regulatory issues forced a temporary restructure. Their features are rapidly improving daily, so check it out as a potential area to buy, sell, and trade in a variety of cryptocurrencies with industry leading fee structures.

Webull is a powerful and easy to use stock trading app and service. Seems great and you get free stock for signing up under their promotions (so do we).

Got a recommendation for another crypto marketplace. Send it to us via twitter.