Below is a list of all of our current giveaways on twitter.
We take this serious and we want free crypto to spread adoption; however, with prices rocketing, we may not be able to provide as much as we would like.
Most of the revenue generated by this site goes back to the giveaways. We try to give as much out as possible (support our faucet partners and buy our merch).
Most of our crypto is given away through a bot called @coinkit_ Visit to learn more (opens in a new tab). This is a great service to allow fast transactions of bitcoin (using lightning, if that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, we can explain it sometime. It means transactions can be immediate but they are linked to this bot until you withdraw from the bot). You don’t need to install anything for twitter, just follow the bot @coinkit_ and use Direct Messages (DM) to check your balance, send coins, start airdrops (giveaways), and more.
You should sign up and follow this bot as it is the softwallet for most of our twitter giveaways. Free crypto just for checking us out on twitter. Come back regularly, when you’re regular, we’ll help your wallet stay regular too.


Current giveaways: (some may have expired, been given, or been deleted, this is not a live update, but we try to update it regularly):

Want to sponsor a giveaway? We may be willing to do that. We aren’t about spam, but good messages from good people can usually get in on our page (with super low fees, like usually free). DM on Twitter to learn more.

Did we miss any? Let us know on our twitter: @MMWYPcom