A new industry is increasingly emerging with the advancement of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. New forks appear in established blockchains as users see room for change and growth, with more possibilities than ever. The Vision of Bitcoin Satoshi was created on the 15th of November 2018 from a hard cash fork (BCH). Some sections of the ecosystem decided to extend the block size and restrict the scope for intelligent contracts. They split was led by Craig Wright, the lead scientist of nChain, who is renowned to say that he was without much evidence Satoshi Nakamoto, the original founder of Bitcoin.

BSV is the result of the creator’s goal to restore Bitcoin to its original form according to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision which was first laid out in the original Bitcoin whitepaper. The basis for Bitcoin SV ‘s roadmap is four fundamental foundations, establishing the one blockchain for the world: security, scalability, protection and secure immediate transactions (known as a 0 confirmation).This has two ultimate goal (1) Bitcoin SV is a world-leading alternative for a superior user interface, lower trading costs and more protection for any payment network. (2) Businesses may trust the brand Bitcoin SV to provide the stability and scale to invest and capital the BSV network requires to be used.

According to their official website, the only protocol that will unleash the true power of blockchain technology is Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). Bitcoin SV allows applications developers and large companies to build on the same stable and regulatory blockchain that companies build on a stable Internet protocol over the years by applying their original design described in the white paper and locking the original Bitcoin Protocol (Bitcoin protocol). Bitcoin SV.